How to protect your furniture from Termite

termit Termites are the most undesirable living guest for our house. Almost everybody faces the problem of termite attack in house hold furniture some time. Termites are very important for our ecosystem. But for our houses it is not only a nuisance but it can completely destroy our house.

To prevent termite attack in your house certain procedures to be followed. It is best if you can call some professional to remove the termite threat completely. But our budget does not always support to call a professional for it. But we can always follow some basic principles to reduce the termite attack.

Furniture with properly seasoned wood

While making wooden furniture, you must ensure that the furniture is made from a properly seasoned and dry wood. Moisture in the wood attracts termite. Also before using the wood or ply board in the furniture, some pest control oils which are available in the market should be used. So that the termite does not get attracted towards it.

Remove unwanted items from home

Several unwanted items like wooden boxes, pitch board boxes, paper articles to be removed from house. Termite gets attracted towards wooden or wood based items. It is in fact more attracted towards decomposing wooden items.

Your house needs regular maintenance

Regular maintenance like crack in the wall should be done. Termite searches for wooden material in those cracks. Leaving those cracks actually a invitation for termite.

Reduce moisture

Decomposing wood and moisture are heaven for termite. Try to reduce the moisture in the house to protect it from termite attack. You can use dehumidifier or appliances which controls moisture.
This way you can reduce the chances of termite attack. If you get your furniture free from termite, after that you must repair the damaged item immediately and get it painted. Otherwise again it will be attacked by termite.


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