How to protect your feet in summer

fcc2 While we all rethink what clothes to wear, how to protect our skin and how to avoid getting dehydrated during summer, we forget our feet unless we feel a burning sensation, dryness or itching.  Foot care is equally important in summer as much as skincare and health care.

The strong summer heat reduces the moisture content in the skin.  Due to the humidity and frequent sweating, fungal or bacterial infections can set in.  Footcare is important since the sweat gets accumulated in the area between the toe fingers and can cause itching, irritation or infection.  It can also lead to smelly feat.

Just like your skin, apply moisturisers on your feet too.  It will prevent the skin from getting dry, chapped or rough.  Use sunscreen and UV protected lotion while going out and apply it on your feet.  It prevents sun burn and tan.  Apply anti cracking cream on the soles of the feet before sleeping.

Wear shoes or sandals that are open and allow the flow of air.  Wear shoes that are comfortable and do not get heated up.  Wear socks with leather shoes to prevent friction and peeling of skin.  Avoid flats since it does not support the heals well.  Choose your footwear keeping in mind the nature of activity you are required to do.

Soak your legs in cool water to give it a relaxed and soothing sensation.  Massage it gently.  After washing your feet dry it thoroughly.  Do not share towels.

While you may walk without with naked feet at home, do not venture outside without sandals or slippers.  It will burn the soles, apart from pricking or injury caused by pebbles or sharp objects.  Even while you are in a beach keep the footwear on to prevent bites or sting.

Observe your feet for cuts or bruises and treat it immediately.  Use anti bacteria solutions to clean it so that wound does not deepen by microbial action.


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