How To Protect Your Expensive Shoes

shoes Are you crazy to buy latest and expensive shoes? Do you want to use your old shoes forever? You need to protect your shoes in the right manner so that they can work for you for a long time. Moreover, the shoes made of pure leather come at a higher cost and thus, it becomes essential to protect them from winter-snow, rain, dust, mud or even direct sunrays that can create scratches on your shoes.

Nowadays, people don’t even hesitate from availing waterproof shoes so that there won’t be any chance of damage for your shoes. Well, no problem, if your old shoes are not waterproof, you can still take care of them following these tips mentioned below:

1- Keep your shoes in a rack that is specially made for your shoes. Don’t throw your shoes here and there in the whole home and put them at their set place. In fact, the rack must be kept in shady place and in order to protect rack, you must keep its door closed so that the small insects can’t harm your shoes.

2- Clean every pair of shoe at least once in a month and if there is need to polish your shoes, you must properly buff up your shoes to make them attractive as they were at time when you had bought them.

3- When you place shoes in a rack, you must keep the leather shoes separate from the sports shoes. You must even wash your sports shoes from time to time and it is a good way to clean their dust that fix with them when you use them.

4- Another good way to protect your shoes from dust is to clean your shoe using a wet cloth when you come to your home. Though it may be a tedious task, you must do so to protect your shoes. Soon, you would become habitual of cleaning your shoes! If you find any crack in your shoe, you must avoid using them in same condition until they are repaired.

Well, keep the fact in mind that your shoes play important role in enhancing your personality! When you meet someone, your shoes speak the saga of your personality. So, never keep your shoes dirty and keep them clean as they represent a part of your personality!


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