How to Protect Your Child from Door Jam Accidents

doorjam Did you know that thousands of children suffered every year from painful injuries as their fingers got stuck in the door jams? Door jam accidents are among the most common accidents that are involved with kids. These accidents take place at home and it is very common among toddlers between 6 months to 3 years old.

Children who are as old as 15 years can also be victims of this accident. If you don’t want to see your kid in the hospital’s emergency ward then you should follow certain steps that will help in protecting your kids. Find out how to protect your child from door jam accidents.

Tips for Preventing Accidents

You can install certain safety devices like the useful finger protectors. A finger protector is designed in such a manner that it helps in safeguarding the fingers of children as well as adults who tend to become careless at times. You need to fit this device on the hinge of the door or the empty part of the jam.

It functions as a protective shield and does not leave any gap in which a finger or anything can get trapped. If you have seen your children in pain because of such accidents then you will understand the importance of this useful and innovative tool.

Use Door Stoppers

If you want to prevent this danger at home then you can make use of another quick and inexpensive method. All you have to do is fit door stoppers to the door. You can choose conventional brass door stoppers that can be attached to the base of your door. With the help of these stoppers, you can keep the door fixed and open. You can move the door only when you lift the stoppers.

Certain types of slow moving and self-closing springs can also be used on the doors. You can attach them on the front as well as back doors so that one cannot open or close them with force. These doors will not close with a thud. Thereby you can prevent the damage that may be done to your children’s fingers otherwise.


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