How to promote your merchandise on the television?

tv Television is powerful media which has set its strong hold on all households. There is practically no person existing on this planet who has not got hooked to it. Some may like watching sports, some watch music channels, others may like documentaries and the list is endless.

Television is such a versatile electronic device which has something to offer for everyone be it kids, adults, the aged, students, women etc. Marketers are not far behind in the rat race. They are always on the look out to exploit such resources to the best of their advantage.

Telesales is the concept where in products or services are promoted through the television. To realize the sales target, careful planning and strategy is required to hit on the right target.

As a shrewd businessman you need to take into account the following factors while promoting a particular good:

1.    Prepare a rough estimate of the budget that would suffice for the expenses related to television promotion.

2.    Survey the target audience to gain information as to which channel they watch the most. Take a note of the timings as well

3.    Contact the respective channel agencies to negotiate the deal on a particular time slot for your product launch.

4.    Get in touch with the advertisers and chalk out a rough sketch of the unique attributes of your product. Clearly state your priorities regarding the manner you want the product to reach out to the audience.

5.    Decide on a catchy phrase or a tag line that highlights your product seeking the assistance of advertising professionals. Decide on the models and actors who would promote your merchandise in a great way.

6.    Also discuss expenses required to get some eminent figure as a chief guest to add to the credentials of your brand.

Bhrat Brij

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