How to prevent your child from being lead-poisoned

poison A lot of children are susceptible to suffer from lead poisoning. One of the reasons could be your home. If your house was built in the 70’s or early 80’s, chances are that the paint that had been used contains lead. Lead poisoning is a fatal problem that causes neurological disorders and most of the time this is irreversible.

There are no significant symptoms of lead poisoning. The only way would be to test your child’s blood. You can also get a glimpse of the poisoning coming round the corner if you find your child is finding learning difficult or develops behavior problems like over-agitation and hyperactivity. Pregnant women to their child through their milk can also transmit lead. So, it is also imperative for pregnant women to check if they have any lead traces in their blood.

Lead gets into the body through dust. The primary source for lead poisoning is the walls of your house. If your walls were painted using lead-paint, then you should remove it off. Here are some ways to prevent your childhood from getting lead-poisoned.

1) Find out when your home was built, if it was built in the 70s then it must be tested for lead

2) Clean all walls and floor with an absorbent material to remove dust

3) Avoid using vacuum cleaner as it might make dust fly

4) Iron and calcium are known to reduce lead absorption. So, try to make or buy food that is rich in iron and calcium

5) Your child’s blood should be tested regularly to an age of about 6-7 years

6) Do not use old dishes for serving, preparing or storing food. Even imported dishes might contain lead. Whenever buying crockery, check for a government approved quality mark on the product package

7) Make your children wash their hands regularly, especially before eating.

8) If you are working in an industrial setup that requires you to work in an environment full of chemicals / paint / inorganic substances, make sure you come home after a shower and a change of clothes


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