How to Prevent Your Bathroom Drains From Clogging?

clg Bathrooms drains are next in the order after the kitchen drains to get frequently blocked. This not only creates a foul stench but the overflow can cause you to heave. The reason is that these drains take in all the waste that is dumped by us; in the form of strands of hair, foam, scum, gels and cream.

Such an unpleasant situation can really cause plenty of inconvenience as you cannot use that particular bathroom or sink. Here are some tips which could elevate you from the problem of blocked drains in your bathroom.

1)    Once in a week try and run some hot water down the bathroom drains for around 30 seconds.

2)    Ensure that the drains are properly covered so that wrappers, blades and plastic do not make their way onto them.

3)    Add about 1 tablespoon of salt into the drain. After sometime gradually pour quarter cup of vinegar (White) over the drain. Finally run some hot water.

4)    Pour half cup liquid bleach into the drain once in while as it dissolves the dirt that leads to clogging.

So much for keeping free flowing drains, but what is one supposed to do if the drain is already obstructed. In such a scenario, one can follow the instructions given below to get the drain functioning normal again.

1.    If the drain is moderately clogged (where the water seems to drain slowly), dispense half a cup of baking soda over the drain and then pour the same quantity of vinegar slowly into the drain. Action of these two cleansing agents dissolves the blockage. Rinsing the drain with some water clears off the drains.

2.    Plunging is another way to do away with partial blockage. Fill the drain with water then cover the circumference of the drain with the plunger. Plunge in an up and down motion for several times and stop once you can see the water drain freely.

Bhrat Brij

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