How to Prevent Termite Infestations.

te A termite infestation is a real risk structurally and financially. They usually dwell in colonies. The cellulose in wood is the food of termites. Although they have a crucial role to play in nature but can significantly damage the house if the invasion goes unchecked.

The termites should be eliminated as soon as they are found colonizing.  An effective eradication program of termites includes Identification, Elimination, and Prevention.
The very first step is to identify the variety of termites that have infested the house. The most common infestation is by the subterranean termites, dry wood termites and damp wood termites.

It is vital to eliminate any existing termites. There are three ways of eliminating an existing termite infestation: barrier treatments, bait stations, or hiring professional.

Barrier treatments
are relatively cheap and mostly commonly used to eliminate termites.  Termidor is an effective barrier product. In the treatment the termites are not killed immediately, however, the entered termites transfer the poison to other termites when they come in contact and ultimately all are killed.

Bait stations are set out in a certain area around the house. It is wood-based bait, which attracts termites in the area. In case the termite activity is found, the wood bait is replaced with the poison laced bait.

In this way, the entire colony can be eliminated. Sometimes there is a need to hire licensed professional due to severe infestations. In such case, you should choose a good reputed company that ensures complete elimination.

Next important step is to prevent any further infestation. Always avoid placing wood to ground contact. The wood should also not come in direct contact with the moisture.

Check and treat areas such as porches, or wooden posts placed in the ground to prevent infestation. Wood can also be treated with termite resistant products to some extent. Boracare is an effective product that can be sprayed on wood as well as on concrete to prevent termite infestation.


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