How to Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

sid Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a sudden and inexplicable death of an infant. It happens to infants aged from one month to a year. It is also termed as cot death or crib death.

SIDS happens without warning. The reasons are on most times not discovered even after a post-mortem is conducted. Healthcare providers are still puzzled as to what causes SIDS. It is the leading cause of infant deaths.

It is said that babies who are put to sleep on their stomachs or sides are at a very high risk to get SIDS. With adequate care SIDS can be prevented. Here’s how to protect infants against sudden infant death syndrome.

– When you are pregnant, avoid smoking or being exposed to secondary smoking. Prenatal care guidelines must be strictly adhered to, in order to reduce the risk of SIDS in babies. After the baby is born, do not allow anybody to smoke in the vicinity of the baby. If the baby takes in the smoke, it has a high risk of getting SIDS.

– Place the baby always on his or her back when putting to sleep.

– Always have adequate air circulation in the room where the baby is sleeping in. This increases the quality-level of the baby’s sleeping environment.

– Use mini sleeping bags specially made for babies. These sleeping bags are designed to make the baby feel comfortable in the cold season. You can also use a suspended sleeping-sack, which makes the baby compulsorily sleep on his/her back. Hence this prevents the baby to turn and sleep in a ventral position.

– Give your baby a dummy nipple or in other words a pacifier. Studies have found that using pacifiers lowers the risk of SIDS in infants.

– Choose a comfortable crib. Don’t stack the crib with too many items like toys, pillows, or blankets. The baby may pull these items over his or her face, and this could lead to a change in external respiratory levels due to lack of oxygen.


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