How To Prevent Split Ends

split1 Do you feel that your hair looks rough and dull because they have split ends? You don’t need to hide your mane under a cap or a head gear, when you can understand how to prevent split ends. If you want to have lovely hair and make sure that split ends do not bother you again, you need to follow certain preventive tips.

Take Care

Heat can be the worst enemy of your hair.  If you are completely serious about eradicating this problem then you have to give a break to your hair straightening machines, curling irons, and blow dryers. Ditch the hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally. Tie a dry towel over wet hair until it absorbs the water.

Brush Hair Lightly

While brushing your hair you should be careful about using a gentle brush. It is better to untangle hair before washing your hair. Even when you are shampooing your hair, apply shampoo on the scalp and then work the lather while keeping the hair straight. This will prevent unnecessary breakage of hair. Don’t comb your hair when it is wet.

Use A Conditioner

If you use a conditioner after washing your hair, you can prevent the problem of split ends. Cheap conditioners are absolutely of no use. Therefore, settle for those conditioners that good hair salons use. As conditioners lubricate your hair, you will be able to comb it easily without causing any breakage.

Have you heard about leave-in conditioners? They are very helpful when you want to untangle your hair in just 5 minutes. If the conditioner is enriched with vitamins then it will also protect your hair from the damage caused by pollution.

The best way to treat split ends is to chop off your hair about 2 inches from the end. After that you can apply a nice hair serum to the tips to ensure that there is no further splitting.


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