How to Prevent Split Ends of Hair

splitends Among the various hair problems people face these days, the problem of split ends is perhaps the most irritating one. Split ends of hair increases the hair fall and makes the hair very weak and fragile. When your hair starts splitting, it is a symbol of dry and rough hair.

It looks really odd when your hair splits at the bottom. You must take care of your hair and take immediate steps to treat those split ends. Here are some very useful methods discussed on how to prevent split ends of hair. Check out the tips and follow them to prevent and cure your split ended hair.

1. Oiling is also very important to keep your hair moisturized. Always apply enough oil on your hair and massage the scalp well before shampooing your hair. It will protect your hair from being dry and rough. You should also use mild shampoos and conditioners in stead of chemically rich ones.

2. Splits ends appear especially when you don’t cut your hair for a long time. So, you must trim your hair after every 5-6 months so that your hair doesn’t get the opportunity to split.

3. The scorching sun is another very strong reason behind the split ends of hair. So, you must protect your hair from the sun and reduce the damage of hair. You can use a scarf around your hair while going out in the sun.

4. You can also try using wide toothed combs if your hair is too much fragile. The thin toothed combs generally tend to increase the splits ends because of the fewer gaps between the teeth.

5. After taking a bath, you should try to dry your hair in the air and not in the sun. Sun might damage the hair. You can also use hair dryer rarely for drying your hair.


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