How to prevent sibling rivalry

sir Kids can have conflicts on various issues.  It could be about the space and privacy, about the television serial they want to watch, claim over a pencil or crayons, freedom given to each kid and so on.  As a parent you play an important role in helping kids to deal with their differences and to calm them down.

Do not differentiate between your kids.  This is important so that the kids do not feel that the parent supports one sibling over the other.  Be fair and have the same standards for both the kids.

Make kids a participant in the decisions you take for them.  While you are choosing a dress, a school bag, water bottle etc., take kids along so that they can choose items for themselves.  This will help in preventing fights incase both the kids like the same item.

Do not compare between kids.  Realize and accept that each child is gifted and unique in his/her own way.  One may be good at sports and other may be good at studies.  Do not chastise the sports player saying that he/she is not as good in studies as the sibling.

Comparisons will create a rift not only between children, but will also give them a feeling that you are partial to one of them.  This will make them feel less loved and valued.

Give equal time to each kid.  Do not spend disproportionate time between kids.  Give them the same level of attention, love, affection and time.  Take the same level of effort in their studies or other activities.

Consider both their needs.  Kids should not feel that the parent is accommodating the need of only one child.  If you grant the wish of one kid, you need to do it for the other one too.  Excuses of money or saying ‘next time’ will make them feel hostile towards the kid who has got what he/she wanted.


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