How to prevent piles

hg Piles is a very painful and uneasy condition to be in.  It affects the emotional health due to fear, tension, worry and constant reminder of the pain.  It leads to restlessness, irritation and considerable discomfort.

Among many other reasons, piles may be caused also due to rough stools, indigestion of food or forcibly trying to pass stools.

To prevent piles, concentrate on your diet and lifestyle.  Eat food rich in dietary fiber, as it loosens the stools.  Include whole wheat, grains, cereals and raw vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Vegetables like cucumber and tomato are rich in fiber and water content.  Fruits like papaya, banana, oranges and watermelon can also help in preventing piles.  Eating fruits with high water content is beneficial, as water helps in regulating the bowel movement.

Drink plenty of water, as it regulates bowel movement and helps in softening the stools.  Drink fresh fruit juice, especially watermelon, orange juice or banana milkshake.  Avoid taking tea, coffee or alcohol.  Drinking buttermilk or cold milk is also a good option as it cools the body.

Avoid eating deep fried, oily, spicy food; and food that takes long time for digesting, like chicken.  Use whole wheat or whole grain bread rather than white bread.

Exercise for atleast 30 minutes daily or play sports like badminton, cycling or swimming.  Do not follow a sedentary lifestyle.  Avoid being seated at a place for long time.  Take breaks and move around after a gap of one hour or so.

Drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey, lemon juice and few drops of ginger juice to prevent piles.  You can also consume a glass of warm milk with home made ghee at night before sleeping.  It enables smooth passage of stools.

Sleep well.  Control tension, anxiety and stress by practicing yoga or meditation.  Do not force yourself to relieve, nor postpone the bowel movement.


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