How to prevent obesity among kids

obesity The current lifestyle has created a negative impact on the health of kids.  Kids are more prone to eating fatty and unhealthy food these days, rather than nourishing and simple food.  Their tastes have changed, and kids find burgers, pizzas, french fries and chips more interesting. 

There has also been a shift towards consumption of soda, carbonated and fizzy drinks rather healthy and energy giving drinks; especially those containing milk.

The level of activity among kids has also reduced due to lesser space available for playing, lack of open spaces and playgrounds, lack of friends, lack of time due to overburden of studies, playing video games, spending more time on the internet and so on.  Due to the collective impact of these factors kids are getting obese at such a young age.

As parents, we tend to indulge kids.  However, it is essential to alter habits and inculcate safe and healthy eating habits and lifestyle, for the health of the child.  Get together with the child in this task of avoiding unhealthy food and being physically active.

Give kids a healthy, tasty and filling breakfast in the morning, so that the temptation to eat or much on something at odd times reduces.  You can prepare oatmeal, cereals with milk, corn flakes, vegetable sandwich or boiled eggs for kids.

Intake of milk is also important.  Choose from the various flavour of health drink powder available in the market like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, dry fruit mix powder etc.  This will make the drink delicious.

For snacks, you could use whole grain bread and homemade paste of spinach, tomato-garlic paste or homemade jam, so you can control the level of sugar and fatty ingredients used.  Also make fresh fruit juices at home like lemon juice, mango juice, watermelon squash, orange juice etc so that children can enjoy it.

Establish a daily fitness routine.  Chalk out a time when you and your kid can get together and work out.  Go for walks in the morning or go for a swim together.

You may have to be strict if the child plays too many games on the computer or watches television constantly.


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