How to prevent negative thoughts

thought Negative thoughts have an ill effect on our emotional and physical well being.  It makes us lose faith, hope, self-confidence and self-esteem.  It leads to a negative self-image and may cause a feeling of worthlessness.  Persistent negative thoughts can also lead to depression.  It is essential to stop the flow of negative thoughts for peace, satisfaction and happiness.

Write down and analyse the negative thoughts that come to your mind.  Do not believe all the negative thoughts or negative feelings about yourself.  Talk to a person who knows you well and is trustworthy and honest.  Ask for their advice and know if they really think you possess those negativities that you have listed.

Many a times it so happens that we perceive things about ourselves differently, and imagine that people think about us in a negative way.  By talking to reliable people, you may just find out that it was just your perception, and you do not really possess the negative qualities you imagined.

Be determined to deal with the thoughts.  Do not accept it and feel poorly about yourself.  Tell yourself that the thoughts are incorrect.  With determination, you can help in blocking the thoughts and prevent it from damaging your psyche.  Tell the thoughts to ‘go away’; tell yourself, ‘I am not a negative person’; and you are just the opposite of the negative thought you get.

Do not brood over the thoughts.  Divert your attention when you get those thoughts.  Have an active lifestyle.  Set out of the house.  Go to a new place or meet new people.  A change of place and people may do good.

Be fit.  Exercise or play sports like badminton, tennis, cycling or swimming to distract your mind and also to feel fresh and rejuvenated.  Also, practice yoga or meditation regularly.  It generates inner peace, harmony and positive vibes.

Read positive quotes or messages everyday, and remember those when you feel low or negatively about yourself.  Remember your success, achievements and compliments, and feel good about the person you are.


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