How to prevent mosquito bites?

biteing Mosquitoes are carriers  various diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue etc. It is the female mosquitoes which are responsible for spreading of some life threatening diseases. They suck the blood of warm blooded animals which helps in them to facilitate egg production and in the process act as vectors in transmitting harmful virus or parasites.

Mosquitoes have adapted themselves to survive in almost all kinds of tropical as well as subtropical climate. Commonly found in parks, gardens and forests, mosquitoes are a cause of concern during summer and rainy seasons.

Read the instructions given below to prevent mosquito bites and diseases associated with the same:

1. When outdoors ensure that you cover your exposed hands and legs with proper clothing. Wear full length pants /lowers and full sleeved shirts /tops before stepping into your backyard garden or a camping in a forest.

2. Wear socks as well.  Ensure to tuck in your pants and the shirt as well to avoid loose openings.

3. Place a hat or a cap that includes ear flaps to cover your ears as well

4. If it is too hot to put on so many clothes, another alternative is to apply an effective anti mosquito repellent cream or lotion all over the exposed areas or your body.

5. Use a spray that contains Permethrin and spew it on to your clothes. Take extreme care that it should not get in contact with your skin.

6. If you happen to be in an enclosed space area like a tent or a room, then one effective way to get rid of mosquito nuisance is to spray the area with a mosquito repellent. Close it for some time and enter after about 10-15 minutes.

7. Enclosing specific spots like your bedding with fine net clothing is quite effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay while you have a sound sleep.

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