How to Prevent Make-Up Blunders

mkb You wear make-up to look pretty but if you wear it in the wrong manner or use too much of it then you can find people making fun of you. Don’t follow trends blindly.

You should find out if a certain style suits you or not. If you pay heed to common sense and a basic sense of wearing make-up then you will understand how to prevent make-up blunders.

Tanned Look

You should avoid the mistake of faking a tan by using the wrong products. Often people look orange while attempting to get a suntanned and healthy look. Try to avoid a bronzer, which has more of an orange tinge in it.

For a healthy sun-kissed glow, you should select a bronzer that has a brownish or slightly reddish tinge. These shades can make a person look naturally tanned. In this way, you will be able to hoodwink people into believing that you spent a week in a seaside resort.

Applying Mascara

Never make the mistake of using very thick mascara to get fuller lashes. If you apply a single and heavy layer of mascara then you will get thick and unnatural lashes. Thus, if you want to add more volume to your lashes then you need to apply many thin layers of mascara. Just before applying the mascara you should use a tissue to remove excess mascara from the application brush. Start from the base and move to the tips of your lashes while wearing mascara.

Tips for a Fresh Look

Another trend is to get a dewy fresh look. Now while achieving this look many women use chalky-like matte make-up. If you do this your skin will look very pale. Some women are under the impression that if you use translucent powder, no one will be able to notice it. Now, you need to bear in mind that translucent powder has a sort of gray or slightly pink tinge, which can make your complexion appear too white. What you need to do is opt for a sheer and fine face powder that has a slightly light yellow undertone. This will give you a natural look.


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