How to prevent legal suits arising from interviews?

int2 Interviewing candidates can be a cumbersome task in a multicultural global environment of today. With so many cultural practices, it may not be easy to keep a tract of the all of them resulting in offending employees belonging to particular communities.

This calls for constant cross cultural update on the part of the interviewer to avoid law suits filed by candidates called for an interview.

Given below are some tips which will help you interview the candidates without the fear of being dragged into discrimination proceedings. Besides complying with the anti discriminatory policy, you also need to be sensitive to prospective employees.

Step 1- Frame questions carefully so that it does not highlight any particular characteristic of the interviewee say for eg age, gender or colour. Take for an instance if the candidate is too old for a job, you can test his or her competency by asking a question “This is a target based project and at the end of the month we aim at 1000 new sign ups, are you fine with it?” rather than saying “Will you able to do 1000 new sign ups in one month.”

Step2 – Get rid of any preconceived notions that you may have about a particular class or community. Take precaution to decline an interview of candidates unless they expressly inform that the job is beyond their capability.

Step3 – Ensure that the interviewer is well aware of employment laws before assigning the task to him/her. Civil rights, anti discrimination laws, disability acts, payment policies are some areas which the interviewer should be well aware of.

Step4 – Discrimination on the basis of age is a punishable offense. The present law states that no person who shall be refused a job even if he or she happens to be more than 40 years of age. This condition is applicable for business firms employing 20 or more employees.

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