How to prevent damp in your house wall

damp Damp in the walls is one of the major problems in modern day apartment. People buy an apartment after a long search and after saving a lot from his monthly salary. But damp spoils the enjoyment of living in the apartment completely. Damp does not come on surface, unless you start living in the apartment.

There may be several reasons for damp. The very common causes of damp are
Improper sealing of water outlets in the toilets, Improper damp proofing of the building at the plinth level, Faulty concreting during roof casting, Poor quality of brick etc.

Damp can be a very irritable problem if not taken care properly. Damp spreads across the apartment/ building. If you find damp in one wall, it should be repaired immediately. Otherwise the damp will get spread.
Damp not only damages the wall and its paint, but can also damage the wooden furniture, books, cothes etc. and most bad effect of damp is the bad smell inside the house and cold environment inside the rooms.

Damp best can be avoided during the construction phase. To avoid the damp from the earth, several engineering protections can be taken during construction stage. Like, spreading of polythene sheets below the floor concrete to protect the floor from water seepage.

Some chemical treatments are also available nowadays. These chemicals are injected in the brick wall at certain gaps and it spreads all over the wall. Normally these damp proofing courses (DPC) gives ten years guarantee.
Chemical Damp Proofing Course can be used before casting of ground floor. This gives great protection against damp.

Pipes used for conceal piping should be PVC pipes. Galvanized iron pipes over the years got rusted and it can be leaked. This can cause damp in the wall. All joints which are susceptible to leak should be closed properly using white cement.
This way Damp in the walls can be cured.


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