How to Prevent Cholera

cholera Cholera is a transmittable disease. Vibrio cholerae, a bacterium, is responsible for this dreadful disease. It affects water absorption in the small intestine. Cholera is water borne disease. It leads to diarrhea causing loss of fluids in short span of time. It causes motions and nausea through which the patient loses fluids.

You need to take precautions in the intake of drinks and food to prevent Cholera. Eat hygienic food and drink purified water to prevent Cholera.

Some of the home remedies to cure Cholera are given below:

Drink lot of purified water to keep your body hydrated.

Use onions to cure Cholera. Take seven to ten black peppers and 30 grams of onions. Crush them to make a mixture. Give 2 to 3 doses of such mixture to the patient every day.

A mixture of sugar, water and salt can be given to the patient to cure Cholera. Add half a teaspoon of salt and 4 teaspoons of sugar to 1 lire of boiled water. Consume this liquid quite often.

Crush cucumber leaves and extract juice. Add a glass of coconut water to one glass of cucumber juice. Consume this liquid in 60 or 30 ml doses to get relieved from Cholera.

You can also use orange juice and lemon juice to treat Cholera. Give one glass of fresh juice once a day. You can consume more liquid also.

Intake of buttermilk would help to cure Cholera. Add rock salt and roasted cumin seeds powder to the buttermilk and consume.

Make a decoction using basil leaves and water. Consume this liquid once a day.

Add two teaspoon full of bitter gourd juice to the white onion juice. Add a teaspoon full of lemon juice to it. Consume this liquid two times a day to cure Cholera.

Consume black herbal tea to cure Cholera.

Mix 4 grams of cloves with three litres of water. Boil it till half of the liquid is left. Allow it to cool. Consume this liquid quite often.


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