How to Prevent a Heart Attack

hea We all know that heart attack can be life threatening but we can stop it. Apart from aging our lifestyle is also to be blamed for this attack.

But you can prevent heart attack if you follow some basic health tips. In this article we have discussed about those measures that you can take to prevent a heart attack.

Sign of Heart Attack

Before we try to find out the precautions let us understand the symptoms of this disease. The tell tale signs that will warn you about a possible heart attack is severe chest pain often accompanied with nausea, and sweating. You may feel the chest pain spreading to your hands and shoulders. You may also have problem in breathing. Though it is not necessary that these symptoms indicate only to heart attack but it is a good idea to visit your physician.

Now let us see the steps that you should take to stay safe. Remember, these might become the deciding factor between life and death.

No Smoking

Put out that stick if you want to hear your elated heart beats. It is proven that smokers run a high risk of suffering from heart attack. Yes, it is difficult for chain smokers to quit the habit for good but they can at least make an attempt to bring down the numbers.

Medical Check Up for Diabetes

Your physician will tell you what tests you are supposed to do in order to know your sugar level. Diabetes is another reason behind heart attack. Also check the cholesterol level to be on the safe side. Your doctor may also suggest you to review your diet.

Diet Control

This step is important if you want to prevent heart attack. Make your diet fat free and also cut down on salt, and sugar. A fat free diet would also protect you from obesity. It is also better to avoid spicy and oily food items. Include green and fresh vegetables and fruits in your menu. Research has also proved that dark chocolates, nuts, and shrimp are also beneficial for your heart.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is something that every person should religiously do. This not only keeps you fit but also improves your blood circulation and burns extra calories. Apart from training with machines and weights you can also do jogging and walking.

Live Stress Free

If you suffer from any sort of anxiety or tension then you will put your heart at risk. This is because any sort of stress raises the level of homocysteine, this is a type of amino acid and is quite harmful for the heart. Practice meditation and yoga to remain calm and relax.

Be Ready for Emergencies

Though you are doing everything to stay fit and healthy, but it is also wise to make a plan for an emergency. Not down all emergency phone in a diary and keep it always within easy reach. You would not like to waste valuable time looking for a number.

You would not need a genie to prevent a heart attack but a disciplined lifestyle. Stay healthy and live longer.


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