How To Preserve Your Lettuce Fresh

klf Usually, people go to their local supermarkets or local vegetables market to buy fresh vegetables. Though people preserve these vegetables in the refrigerators to keep them fresh, after a few days, lettuce start being sagging or greasy.

As a result, you are not able to use them in your food. Now, here are given some tips to maintain your lettuce fresh to use them as different salad recipes to make your lunch or dinner delicious.

First Tip- you must have a Tupperware Fridge-smart wherein you can preserve your vegetables to maintain their freshness. These are the perfect containers that come with two big holes that can be left open or closed according to specific vegetables. If you use such container to keep your lettuce fresh, you will be surprised to see how long it remains fresh!

Second Tip: Buy zip-locked plastic bags to maintain the lettuce fresh! After carrying vegetables from market, wash them properly, shake the extra water off and keep them flat on paper towels. Then, place the covered lettuce in a zip-locked plastic bag where they will remain fresh for coming 5 to 6 days. You can take the fresh lettuce whenever you want!

Third Tip- Avoid using metal! Don’t keep your lettuce in a metal pot or pan. In metal pots, the lettuce turns into the “stained lettuce” with a face pace. Use plastic bags or containers to store your lettuce in them.

Fourth Tip- Buy only the cranium! When the vegetables enter the market, it has previously been washed and sealed. However, it’s not conserved in its natural form. Hence, buy only the head of lettuce and then, wash and clean properly before storing them in plastic bags or containers.

Now you don’t need to go to market to buy your lettuce everyday!  Buy them once in a week and apply these tips to maintain the freshness and taste of your lettuce.

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