How to Preserve Old Photographs

old Photographs are an awesome means of preserving historic, precious and memorable moments forever if you keep them appropriately. Technology advancement today helps us to create a photograph archive on discs, etc. that can be kept for a longer duration. time. Photo printouts deteriorate and fade over a certain period.

To prevent precious memories from being disintegrated proper archival and storage methods are very important. You can adopt some simple ways to properly store old photographs and preserve the memories.

Keep your albums or photo boxes away from damp, humidity, extreme temperatures and lights. Never pile them in places such as basements, attics or garages. Even if you keep, then check for optimum, heat and humidity control. Always use the right kind of album. Any kind of photograph should not be stored in magnetic or a sticky variety of albums. The plastic, cardboard, paper and glue used in making such albums, can damage your photos over time. It is sensible to store in guaranteed albums, which are acid free. It is important to remove pins, staples or clips attached to the photographs as these can damage the photos.

Keeping extra copies for really precious and favorite photographs is a good idea, to be on safer side. Labeling photos is important for future reference. You can use a marker on the back of the photographs to memorize the time, occasion and the people in the photo. Write with a soft grip, using a soft lead pencil. In case, you are not storing the photographs in albums or frames, then you can go for PVC-free plastic sleeves or bags.

You can also store by layering acid-free paper or cardboard between photographs. Proper framing of photographs should be done. Acid-free mats and backboards should be used in frames to prevent the photo from touching the glass and to safeguard the back of the frame.


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