How to Prepare Sake

japan What to bring some exotic charm into your drinking or want to surprise you friends then you should introduce sake. It is a very old drink in Japan. The history of this drink is almost 1500 years old. However, the methods of preparing this drink are so easy that you can do that on your own. Just follow the tips given in this article.


The main ingredients that will help you make this drink are glass jars, rice 1 cup per jar, koji about half cup per jar, 1 and half cups of water per jar, lemon or lime juice, yeast half cup per jar, and cheesecloth. You will also need a rice cooker. It is better to avoid plastic jars because that will bring the flavour of plastic to your sake. You will get koji from any shop that sells Japanese items.

The Preparations

Start the preparation by leaving the rice overnight in water. You can take as long as you please to do this. The longer the better as it will make the sake tastier. Generally 8 hours would be sufficient. The idea is to moisturize the rice. Now you can cook the rice and leave it to cool off. Use the rice cooker for this purpose.

Second step would be to putting it into the jars. Before doing so make sure that your jars are well sterilized. As you understand that this is also important on health grounds.

Now we come to the third part of sake making. Here you will add the required amount of koji on each jar. As mentioned it will take half cup of this thing in each jar. Add lemon juice to the jars, followed by yeast and water. Clean the outer part of the jar and its rims with a clean piece of cloth and seal the jars. Keep the jars in a cool place.

We are almost there. Finally, after 3 weeks you will notice the fermentation. You will now separate the liquid from the solid part. This is where the cheesecloth will be pretty useful. Squeeze the cloths and drain the liquid completely. Your sake is ready. Bottle it and keep it in refrigerator. This drink has an alcohol content of about 15-20 per cent.

So, in the next party raise a toast of home made sake and taste the difference!


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