How to prepare pure and clean Drinking Water?

cdw Water is an essential component without which we cannot live our life.  More than 70% of our body is made up of water.  Today we have entered into a stage where the quantity of clean water is decreasing on our earth.

Though there are plenty of oceans and seas around us but extracting clear water from such water bodies is quite difficult and expensive.  You cannot depend upon salty and unhygienic water to live your life so in this article you will learn easiest way to purify water.

Things you’ll need:

•    Time

•    Activated charcoal

•    Water

•    A storing bottle



The very first thing you need to purchase in order to clean the water in your house is activated charcoal.  You can purchase it from a store near your house or can also buy it online.  They are mostly available on Health Food Stores or supermarkets.  Try to tie them up together using thread so that they can fit in a bottle.


Fill the water bottles with the water you have collected.


The activated charcoal is quite different from the charcoal that you use in barbecue.  They are quoted with some toxic chemical that helped to light them up easily.  Once you place the water in the charcoal bottle you will find the charcoal will pull out all the germs, sand and other impurities present in it in some time.

Step 4

The impurities will settle at the bottom of the container in one or two hours and purified water is present on the top.  You can take out purified water and throw out the impurities and can continue the similar process again to filter another bottle of water.

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