How To Prepare Orange Peel Face Mask At Home

ora Who says, having a beautiful, glowing skin is a costly affair? You can easily make your own natural beauty pack at home, without having to spend your hard earned money on those expensive scrubs, gels and creams available in the market.

Here comes the best home recipe for an orange peel face mask, which can revive your skin naturally.

Homemade beauty products are harmless and inexpensive because of the natural ingredients that are used to prepare them. Try using this natural orange peel face pack, which can be perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin as well. The mask will help remove tan from your face, balance the skin tone and revive its natural glow, giving you a much rejuvenated and radiant look.

You’ll only need orange peel powder and milk or water to make this homemade orange facial mask. Make your own orange peel powder by drying orange peels under the sun until they become hard. Now grind these dried peels to a fine powder. You can store this powder for later use as well.

Take equal measures of orange peel powder and milk/water in a bowl. Mix well until a smooth paste forms.

Apply the homemade orange peel facemask all over your face, leaving the eyes and lips. Leave on for about 30 minutes or until the pack dries completely. Rinse off with lukewarm water, taking care not to rub the face hard while removing the mask. Pat your face dry with a soft towel and apply moisturizer.

Orange peel acts as a gentle bleaching agent and also absorbs the excess oils from the skin’s surface, thus removing the greasy shine from oily faces. The pack also sloughs off dead and dry cells from the skin, revealing a face that’s much brighter and cleaner.

For best results, use this natural orange mask regularly and get a blemish free skin that glows without being oily.


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