How to prepare for layoff

layoff Due to the current economic situation, the axe of layoff or loss of employment hangs precariously on our heads.  Jobs give us a lot of emotional and mental security.  However, the uncertainty now puts a question mark on the continuation of the job with the organization, opportunities available elsewhere, remuneration standard etc.

The uncertainty creates a lot of confusion, anxiety and tension.  It also saps our energy and reduces our output at the workplace.  It makes matters worse to know that our friends and colleagues have been laid off.  It demotivates us and prevents us from putting our best efforts into our work.  It is precisely at these times that we need to draw on our inner strength and reserves.

Talk to your employer or H.R. personnel to know the standing of your company and get an idea of the situation.  Assess if your job is at risk.  If yes, do not panic or get depressed.  Rather prepare yourself to move on to greener pastures.  Take time and rethink if you want to work in the same sector, or choose alternative job options.

Browse the internet and get to know of current openings.  Do not feel threatened or scared of what people will say or believe rumours.  Talk to your colleagues in various fields of employment and also ask for vacancies in their company.

Do not let fear, anxiety and tension control you.  Accept that some things are really beyond your control.  Fine tune your mind and adapt it to changing circumstances.  Do not take knee jerk actions.  Be clear about what you want to do next.

Update your job profile with job search engines and see the kind if responses you get.  It may reduce the feeling of insecurity and idea that there are few companies hiring, job opportunities are very limited and so on.  It may just give you the confidence that even if you lose the current job, there are other organizations you could work with.

Do not keep thinking about what will happen.  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


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