How to prepare for exams

examprepration Preparation is the key to success in exams.  Your success is assured if you prepare well.  You will avoid last minute confusion, tension, anxiety and stress, and will be able to do the exams well.  Preparation also adds to your self-confidence and makes you feel courageous and motivated during exams.

Beginning early will help immensely.  Last minute mugging will lead to panic and stress, and you will not be able to recollect effectively.  Start early.  Try to cover your lessons as and when it is taught to you.  Pick up a day in the week when you will revise whatever you have learnt.  This way you will cover your new portion and also keep in touch with what has been taught.

Revision is very important.  It will help you to recall easily during exams.  Revision can be boring and there could be resistance to revision as it tests your ability to recall what you have learnt.  However, this exercise will help you to fine-tune your memory, and recollect facts and details well during exams.

Give weightage and time to each subject.  Do not just study topics you like and neglect other tough topics.  Discipline your mind to overcome the barriers.  Follow a daily time table and make the best effort to stick to it.  Also set out time for relaxation, so that your mind and body are refreshed and energized.

Persistence and consistency of studies is important.  If you study hard one day and rest for next 2-3 days, you lose the tempo and momentum gained.  Also, cramming your brain with excess information does not help.  Studying too much on a single day can cause a revolting feeling and you may just not feel like studying the next day.

Maintain a balance.  Divide your time equally for fun and studies.

Group studying is also an interesting, easy and less time consuming way of studying.  Divide topics amongst friends and prepare to give a short presentation on the topic assigned.  You learn better by teaching others.  Similarly, brainstorm and be alert while others are teaching you.


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