How to Prepare for a Presentation?

presentation Does the thought of addressing an audience give you butterflies in the stomach?

The following is a set of guidelines that will help you organize your presentation.

Understand the Audience

A presentation cannot exist in the absence of an audience. Try to get all the possible information about the audience such as their age group, gender mix and professional background. Include matter that is of interest to them in your presentation.

Set a Goal

Ask yourself what you wish to accomplish with the presentation. Is the presentation purely informative or do you wish to persuade the audience to take some action such as buy a product, join a club, or register for a cause. The matter spoken by you should help you accomplish your goal.

Study the Topic

Read books, look up the internet and speak to experts in the field to get a complete overview of the topic. Prepare analogies and illustrations to clarify your point. Include real life incidents related to your topic to facilitate easy understanding. Be well versed with the topic and equip yourself to provide satisfactory answers and solve any doubts that may arise in the course of the presentation.


Speak in a language that is simple and easy to understand. Avoid the use of jargons and profession related terminologies.

Presentation Aids

You can take the help of presentation aids like PowerPoint slides, transparencies or cue cards for your presentation. Check with the venue in advance to find out the availability of these devices.

Practice makes Perfect

It is very important to start your preparation well in advance. All said and done, there is no substitute for practice so you must take every opportunity to rehearse. Confidence is the key to success, if you appear nervous and fumble, no one will listen to you! A great way to build up your confidence is to speak in front of the mirror. Rehearse with friends and family members to gauge reactions, get feedback and modify your presentation accordingly.


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