How to prepare a home remedy for dry skin

dry-skin Since centuries, home remedies are said to have curative role for vast range of diseases and health ailments and enhancing the beauty. Generally, home remedies are prepared with the ingredients present in or around the home, such as foods and other items like herbs grown backyards.

Let us talk about dry skin. It can give rise to itching and other type of skin diseases. It can even result in flaking and cracked skin in its worse stage if not treated properly. For treating the condition of dry skin with home remedies, you will need aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, lemon juice and avocado. Instructions for how to prepare a home remedy for dry skin is given below:-

Step 1- Aloe vera has the property to get rid of the dead skin cells and to give a soothing effect to the dry skin . Application of aloe vera will ameliorate the condition.

Step 2- Apply Tea tree oil to affected parts as tea tree oil is said to be a good antiseptic having a moisturizing property.

Step 3- Take half an avocado and add some drops of lemon juice to it, mash it completely. Clean the skin properly before its application. Let it remain for minimum twenty minutes. After that remove it with the help of some tissue, and wash the area with cold water and then warm water.

Step 4- Drink some evening primrose oil. If taken internally, evening primrose oil helps to moisturize and to rejuvenate the dry skin. Before drinking ensure to follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Step 5- Unrefined flax seed oil treats the dryness of skin and body and also improves the complexion, if it is consumed daily. Again before consuming do not forget to see and follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.


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