How to Prepare a Hair Conditioner at Home?

hairs Today, one can find a variety of hair products in the market. With the growth in the number of brands and hair products, there is also a rise in the concern for hair safety. In such cases, one can go for home made hair conditioners to avoid hair damage.

Most of the hair products available in the market contain a high degree of synthetics and chemicals in the composition. Such hair conditioners add shine to the hair but damage it in the long run. Cosmetics and hair care mixtures prepared at home are far more reliable and free from any kind of side effects.

One can easily prepare a risk-free, natural conditioner at home using a few ingredients. Hair softeners like honey, olive oil can be used for preparing a light mixture. Some of the other hair softeners include eggs, curd etc. For preparing the base for the conditioner, one can add few drops of olive oil to the mixture.

One of the easiest hair conditioners at home is prepared with a dash of olive oil with honey and whole milk. In order to prepare the conditioner, mix together a tablespoon of honey, whole milk and olive oil in a cup. One needs to stir the mixture well before applying it on the hair.

One can apply this mixture before washing the hair. After applying it on your hair, wear a shower cap and keep the conditioner on for at least 15 minutes. This will allow the hair to soak the mixture and soften under its effect. In order to have a greater effect of the hair conditioner, add more olive oil to the mixture which helps the mixture to bind well.

After waiting for 15 minutes, wash your hair with hot water. After applying the conditioner you can either shampoo your hair or take a normal routine shower.


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