How to practice techniques for recalling dreams

rcd Dreams are a random assortment or a logical stream of images, sounds, and feelings that occur in the mind during sleep. Recalling ones dreams is a great exercise to understand ones subconscious mind. It provides insights into the state of mind, the fears, the anxieties, the obstructive thoughts, and the hidden ambitions that run in the background of consciousness.

Many people forget to remember their dreams. This is because they view dreams as a overlookable conjecture of a mind under sleep. But dreams have meanings. They can help you control your subconscious mind and in way your destiny. Here’s tip to remember your dreams.

1) Before going to sleep, make a determined effort to remember your dreams. You will remember your dreams if you really want to remember them.

2) Keep a pad and pen next to your bed. The best time when you most clearly remember your dream is when you wake up. Immediately pen down your dream if any.

3) You will remember dreams if you wake up naturally without the help of anybody or anything. Try to wake up everyday gently.

4) Think of a problem that is bothering you just before you go to sleep. Ponder over it for some time and also while you lay in bed trying to go to sleep. Most probably you will dream on those lines. Your dream will give you an idea of how you will react in those situations and circumstances.

5) You can use Feng Shui to facilitate dream recall. Place your bed under a window. The end of the bed should not face the door. The head of the bed should not touch the wall. Use blue color in the bedroom. Place plants, toys, and funny pictures in the bedroom. Avoid placing mirrors in a location that will make the mirror reflect the people who sleep on the bed.

6) Make a ‘Dream Diary’. Try to record all your dreams in this diary. Review it at the end of the week.

7) Go to bed early. Get adequate sleep. Often a tired mind is in no mood to dream or recall dreams.


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