How to Please Your Boss

please Pleasing your boss can be an up hill task but that does not mean that it is impossible. All you need is some tactfulness and good understanding of your boss’ nature. Here we have some suggestions that are based on what bosses do like and what they dislike. You can apply these. Just remember pleasing your boss does not mean you have to butter him.

Be a Serious Worker

Make it a habit to perform as well as you can. Be a loyal, hard working and dedicated employee. You will get your reward sooner or later. If possible try to give more than you are expected to do. Some people get affected when they do not get well-deserved promotions, but that does not mean you can stop performing. A war with your boss will lead you nowhere.

Never Loiter

You can take breaks but make sure it does not last more than the stipulated period. You should also take care that you are delivering quality work at the end of each day. Don’t make your boss think that you are disturbing others. So, it is better not to chat too often on other people’s cubicle.

Fix Problems Immediately

Seek immediate help in case you are having any kind of problems. Do not waste too much time. If you think that the work is going to be delayed and you cannot meet the deadline then let your boss know about it before hand. He may suggest you a way out.

Be Punctual

You should always come to the office at the right time. In case you have to attend a meeting make sure you reach the venue on time or before it. Bosses do not take kindly to excuses given for being late.

Leave Office in Time

You should leave office after you are finished doing your work. Staying back just to chat or to surf the net may not go down well with your boss. You are after all misusing company’s equipments.

Be Eager

Let your boss that you are ready for any kind of responsibilities. Always show your eagerness and enthusiasm. This will impress your employer. Never miss the deadline if possible deliver before it. Be ready to take challenges.

Confused? Clarify

You should not hesitate any confusion that you may have. Your boss would not mind to help you out. He knows that you cannot know everything. He would like to know how desperate you are to learn and know new things. Your questions will let him know that. Make sure your questions are to the point.

Help Others

Be ready to help your team members and your other colleagues. Bosses prefer people who are team players and can help a team to bigger achievements.

Never Promise Until You Deliver

In case you are promising your boos to deliver extra work then make sure you do it. Never make a promise only to please your boss. He will expect the work from you within the specified time period. Failing this will not help you anyway. So, it is better to know your limitations and be truthful about it. You may lose out an opportunity but it will save you embarrassment and bad reputation.


This is necessary office etiquette. Always wish your boss while entering and leaving the office. Wishing him “good morning” may not help you in getting a promotion but it shows that you acknowledge his presence.

Too Many Leaves

Try top avoid taking too many leaves in a month or in successive months. This may have adverse affect on your increment and work record. Moreover, you may not get leave when you need them most.

If you keep these tips in mind you would be able to get the attention and respect of your boss.


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