How To Play Tennis

hpt Tennis is a sport played by many countries in the world. Singles tennis has two players competing against each other, whereas doubles tennis has two players in a team competing against another team of two players. Tennis is played on a rectangular tennis court, with a net separating it into two halves.

Each player plays from one half. The surface of the playing area may be made of grass or clay. The dimensions of the court are 78 feet by 27 feet for singles matches, and 78 feet by 36 feet for doubles matches. The net is over and around 3 feet high.

Professional tennis is played by way of best of five sets, where each set consists of a minimum of 6 games. A player serves throughout a game followed by the other player who serves throughout the next game. The player who serves first is decided by the toss. Four points are needed to win a game. These points are in the form of 15, 30, 40 and game. If the both the players are on 40 (deuce), then either player have to score two extra points (advantage and game point) to win the game.

Either player needs to win 6 games with a lead of at least 2 games over the opponent to win a set. If both the players have won 6 games apiece, then a tiebreaker decides the result.

– The first step is to buy a racket. Wide rimmed rackets can be used for beginners, and smaller rackets can be used by the more experienced. Beginners can start of with a lightweight racket.

– A tennis game starts of with the serve. A serve is done by tossing the ball above your head and hitting it with the racket into the other person’s half. When serving to an opponent, the opponent stands at the farther end of the court diagonally opposite to the person who is serving.

The service should be made into the opponents half and within the ”box”. If the ball touches the net or does not fall within the ”box”, then it is a fault. Two consecutive faults make a double fault, and a point is awarded to the opponent.

–  The game is played using different strokes, called forehand and backhand. A forehand stroke is played with the palm facing the opponent, and a backhand stroke is played with the palm facing away. A volley is done when a player meets the ball aggressively with the racket before it touches the ground.


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