How to play safe?

safe-sex Play safe to remain healthy, tension free and also worry-free! Yes, we here talk about how to play safe in sex. There are lots of problems that come later once you and your sexual partner have enjoyed all those lovely, arousing and sensual moments.

The sex is unavoidable, especially for young loving couples. They really enjoy it up to the gist and never bother about the consequences while indulging in any sexual activities such as foreplay and main-play i.e. sexual intercourse.

Most of the loving couples when get involved in sex, they generally do not bother about the consequences such as the female sex partner may get pregnant or in some unfortunate case, if one of sexually active persons have got some infection, there are chances of healthy person to get sexually transmitted infection such as syphilis and even AIDS.

In order to learn how to play safe, one must know that there are plenty of contraceptive devices and pills available on the market. For men, the best thing is to have a condom that is very useful in preventing unplanned pregnancy and most importantly, it saves a man from being sexually transmitted infected.

On the other hand, female sex partner can have some contraceptive pills within some hours (generally 48 hr) to avoid pregnancy. However, if her male sexual partner has got some infection and not using condom, she is at very much risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases – STDs.

Another method (though not as safe as condoms and contraceptive pills) is play safe in something called ‘safe period’ that falls 3-4 days immediately after ovulation (menses) and few days before menses. Rest of the period may call as peak period where the chances of pregnancy are very much.

Nowadays, there are some manufacturers who produce female condoms that can be used by females. They just need to induce condoms into their vaginal tract; however, not the whole condom is placed inside. The sperms are collected in the condom and are prevented to travel through vaginal tract, reaching the uterus and fertilizing the ovum sitting there!

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