How To Play Korfball

korfball Korfball is a team game. It is a mixed gender game, as it consists of four men and four women. This game originated in Holland, and is now extensively played in clubs across Britain. Korfball seems to have come from the netball game, but is different in a lot of aspects. The most unique thing about korfball is that both women and men play in the same teams.

Korfball is an indoor game and is played on a court divided into two zones or halves. Post about 3m in height with suspended baskets stand at two thirds of the distance between the centerline and the back-end of the court. These baskets are unlike the basket used in basketball, as they do not have a rebound basket-wall.

How to play korfball?

– You need four women and four men in each team.

– Teams score when they pass the ball through the basket in the other teams half.

– Even though men and women play for each team, team plays are between men to men or women to women. Men can guard only men. Women can guard only women.

– You can’t run or dribble with the ball. Only passing moves around the ball to teammates. However, the players can run around to take up positions when they don’t have the ball in hand.

– Fouls are made when players hold other players when they are shooting the ball at the basket. Fouls are also when players use force to topple the players. The only way to retrieve the ball is to block it in its path. Korfball is a game that disallows use of any physical means to gain possession of the ball.

– The hardest part is when shooting the ball at the basket. A player cannot shoot at the basket if the opposition team is defending him or her. Shooting at the basket can be done only when there is no defence in front.

– Teams score ‘goals’ when the successfully pass the ball through the basket.


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