How to play Kho Kho

kho-kho Kho Kho is an Indian traditional sport. It holds a humungous popularity status. The sport was also known as Rathera, as it was played on ‘raths’ or ‘chariots’ in ancient times. The game is extensively played in Maharashtra (Indian State), where it was originated.

Kho Kho is a ‘run and touch’ game that is simple and inexpensive. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It does demand good physical fitness and agility, but it is also suited for non-professional fun games. Kho Kho is a great form of getting oneself exercised and fit while also having fun. It will be no surprise that with regular Kho Kho one can see a remarkable increase in ones strength, stamina and speed.

So what makes this game so exciting?

It is definitely by the way it is played. The chaser chases the opponent team members, who dodge and dance their way to thrilling escapes from being touched by the chaser. Fake turns and twists are aplenty in these games that are done for throwing the chaser off track. More like the deer trying to confuse the cheetah into taking a false turn. Kho Kho is a team game. It relies on teamwork and co-ordination. So before playing this game, two teams have to be formed. The game is generally played on a field that is 27m by 15m.

How to play Kho Kho

1) There are two teams playing the game.

2) Each team (chasing and dodging) consists of twelve players, but only nine will take the field.

3) A match consists of two innings, one for each team. Each innings lasts for seven minutes.

4) Eight members of the chasing team sit on a straight line in the middle of the field, between two posts. The ninth member is the chaser.

5) Every alternate member sits in the opposite direction.

6) The dodging team sends three people at a time. The chaser tries to get them out by touching them with his palm, or chasing them off the field limits. He can also use his other team members sitting in the opposite direction to continue his act, by touching and signaling them with a ‘kho’ to carry on his act. Remember, only one person can chase.

7) The dodging team members can run in any direction, but the chaser has to follow on direction to which he commits. He also cannot cut across the central lane to the other side. If he wants to get to the other side, he can use his teammate seated facing the opposite direction, or run around the pole to the other side.

8) If the three members of the dodging team become out, the next batch of three come in.

9) The chasing team tries to get them all out.

10) Seven minutes are allotted per play, post which the dodging team becomes the chasing team and vice versa.

11) The winning team is the one which has got the most players out.

Simple? That’s Kho Kho!


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