How to plant bamboo in a pot

bamboopot Long bamboo plants stand tall adding greenery and height to your garden. The bamboo sticks look more beautiful when grow in a pot. The topiary and pruning makes them look more adorable.

To get this beautiful plant transferred from garden to a pot is easy but to take good care of it is not that simple task. Especially if bamboo plant that your are re-planting is exposed to much of sunlight.

Initially replanted, potted plants require frequent watering. Especially if its summer, you need to do that at least once daily. During pleasant springs, thrice a week and in winters twice a week is enough. After the bamboo has attained a desired size you need to ensure the pot soil is damp. So, water it accordingly.

Though watering is a must. However, on the contrary over-watering can also result in falling of leaves. Thus, you need to be careful while watering. Go according to the season. Be a careful, sceptical observe. That’s the key to gardening.

Ample of watering, adequate sunlight and shade and right fertilisation ensures bamboos blossom. Right fertiolising makes this tall plant grow more healthy and attractive. A balanced dash of organic and NPK fertilizer is healthy for it. It may weigh on you rpocketm however, the beauty of tall slender bamboo sticks will justify it. you can also add natural manure to the pot.

Bamboos need to be staked while planting. As this plant is long and slender, staking will make it stand tall in wind. Replants demands it more as the roots are not well held by in pots like in the ground soil. Stake it properly using a soft jute rope. Tie it at 2-3 spots at an even distance. This will strengthen the plant and prevent uprooting in rough weather.


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