How to Plan a Party

Planning to host a party? Whether it is your child’s birthday, an anniversary, Thanksgiving or a graduation barbeque’s – planning in advance is of utmost importance for hosting parties! Here are some great ideas to help you throw a fabulous party!

All you need is a little bit of advance planning, and let the fun begin right from the word ‘go! Planning ahead of the party will not only save your time and reduce stress, but also allow you to avoid last minute worries and entertain your guests wholeheartedly. Such a party will add a dash of excitement to your ho-hum lives, besides allowing you enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Tips for Planning a Party

1. Select the Party Theme, Date and Time

Firstly, you need to decide on the theme and/or aim of the party. Choose a day that will be most convenient for you to hold the party on. Once you have selected the day, choose a suitable time that will go well with the party theme.

2. Where to host the party?

While deciding on party venue (be it your house, your friend’s house, or anywhere else), make sure the party space is infused with ample light and ventilation.

3. Prepare the guest list

Choose who to invite from from amongst your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

4. Prepare the Food Menu

Food and partying goes hand in hand. Choose what food to provide, and make sure there’s ample provision for drinks and chilled storage for these drinks.

5. Get the Equipment Ready

Make sure you have enough glassware, water glasses, paper plates, spoons, napkins and related equipment to provide guests with. Arrange for ice buckets and dump buckets for chilling and dumping purposes respectively.

6. Set the right party atmosphere

Keep the party atmosphere light and engaging by choosing appropriate music, decoration, lighting and attire that go well with the party theme and the guests as well.

7. Set up Party Games

Add some more intrigue to your party, by setting up some interesting party games that guests will enjoy.

Last, but not the least, have fun and enjoy!


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