How to parkour

par Parkour is an extreme sport that utilizes the human body to cover distances quickly instead of using man-made means of transport or locomotion. For example if a person wants to get to another street some blocks away, he will have to walk all the way or take some other way of transportation.

In parkour the person will just jump across buildings, climb walls or trees, run fast and reach there in the least possible time. It is all about using one’s environment, be it natural or urban, to travel from point A to point B within the shortest possible time.

How to parkour

1) Physical fitness is of paramount importance. You can start of with strength exercises like push-ups, squats, sit-ups, pull-ups and other core strength training. You also have to do a lot of running.

Practice running on all types of terrain. Build your endurance and stamina. In parkour you will have to heave your own body weight sometimes, when jumping over a wall, or climbing a roof; so master your own body weight.

2) Slow and steady does it. Start of with basic things like learning to climb a tree, then try climbing your house. Try to jump over your house wall. Do it many times. Learn to skid-ride on your railing. If you have acrobatic skills, you can take this even further.

You can summersault over walls to minimize time taken to negotiate an obstacle. Try to increase your long jump span by practicing it in your home. Try to jump from one step to the sixth step. Remember this is a very dangerous sport.

What you need

All you need is a t-shirt, a pair of good running shoes and jogging trousers.


This is an extremely dangerous sport and should not be tried by children. This is a sport that is suitable for people in their late teens or for young adults. However, depending on the level of fitness, people of all ages can do parkour.


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