How to Pack Goods While Shifting

shifting Packing is an important step in shifting. Packing of goods should be start in advance, before your actual move. You need to plan it properly. You can start packing those goods one month before, which you are not required instantly. One important point, which you need to keep in mind while packing, “different goods need different packing and handling”. Packing is a decisive factor in the safety of your goods. Here are given some useful tips for packing-

Precious items such as crystal and antique decorative items, gems, stones and other fragile items need to be packed separately, in a soft cover. After packing properly, set them in a strong box and make sure that these items are not kept loosely in the box otherwise they would get broken.

While packing dish ware, try to stack the small dishware into the bigger one that would be quite helpful in saving some space.

In packing of glass items, cover them entirely with packing paper and stuff them with crumpled tissues to avoid cracks and shatter.

In packing of furniture like tables, beds and other home appliances firstly emptied them thoroughly as it would be really difficult to carry those heavy items with other goods. Secondly, if they are attached with nuts and bolts, open them to save enough space while loading.

Electronic goods like TV and computer should be pack in their original boxes as this is the safest way to carry them.

Any of the sensitive items like LPG cylinders, other flammable liquids and explosives should be carried with extra care as any leakage and change in temperature can explode them. Emptied all the petrol or fuel from your automobiles and disconnect the batteries to avoid any accident.

Smaller items like books, clothes, curtains and cosmetics should be kept in separate small boxes and stick chits on them so that could be search out easily while unpacking.


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