How to overcome shyness

shy Shyness can hamper your ability to interact freely with others.  It can also give a completely different opinion about you to people, and they may not really get to know you well if you are shy and do not feel free. 

Shyness may restrict your personality from blooming and restrict your growth and social interactions.

Ask yourself, why you feel shy?  It may be that you are extremely conscious of yourself, your movements, the way you speak, walk, dress up etc.  You may also feel conscious of the way others are and may have a feeling of inadequacy or negativity towards yourself.

Work on the negative thought process.  Realise that you are a unique individual and do not have to be like others.  Do not let social norms and popular perceptions affect your opinion about yourself.  Talk to yourself positively.  Replace your thoughts with the exact opposite of the negative thoughts.

Do not try to stick to the standards laid down by people.  Do not over depend on people’s acceptance of you.  Accept yourself the way you are.  If you feel that you lack in certain essential qualities, you can learn to inculcate those slowly and steadily with the help of friends or relatives.

Do not feel shy because you think you are not perfect, not smart enough, or do not make a good impression on people.  Everybody has limitations.  Acknowledge your abilities and limitations, and be comfortable with your personality.

To overcome shyness, you will have to deal with the situations that cause shyness.  Do not try to avoid or escape.  Only by exposure and practice, you will learn to overcome your shyness.  When you try, you develop confidence, and the factor that causes shyness takes a backseat.

To overcome shyness, act as if you are not shy.  Once you let go of your inhibitions, you will realize that the problem is not such a serious one as you made it out to be.  It is not such a big deal if you goof up.  Do not take mistakes or rejection too seriously.


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