How to Overcome Fear of Snakes

snakes Many people have Ophidiophobia or Snakephobia. This is called fear of snakes. Even many brave people ‘shudder’ at the sight of snakes on television or elsewhere. They often spend sleepless nights, or walk on toes when they think, see or hear of snakes. Snakes are definitely fearsome reptiles.

Some of them carry deadly venom and can kill even an elephant with their bite. They are definitely the reptiles with a forbidden disposition. What makes them even fearful is their appearance. Although there are lots of people out there who love the appearance of a snake, many people even go to the extent of puking when they see a crawling picture of a snake anywhere.

The very slithering motion, the multicolored scales, the menacing head, and the unpredictable posture of a snake are a sight that people don’t want to see or remember.

There are definitely ways to combat this fear and eventually overcome it. Here’s how.

– Look around you and see if all people have the fear of snakes. Some of them will and some won’t. Talk to the people who do not have the fear of snakes. Often we can get insights into their mental make-up that does not make them fear snakes. Many of them will say “Oh, it’s just an animal that’s born to bite” or “It’s silly to fear snakes, which when left alone will not harm anyone”.

– Understand snakes. Read more about them. Get to know these animals from snake experts. Read books and articles on snakes.

– Learn to respect snakes. Once you do that, you will avoid any encounters with them.

– Understand that snakes don’t bite for self-gratification. They bite to protect themselves. They are not as intelligent as human beings.

– Go to a snake park or a pet store. If possible muster up the courage to stroke or touch a non-poisonous snake. You will see a marked improvement in your behavior towards snakes.

– Snakes have been cast as the proverbial demon / evil spirit / bad omen from time immemorial. This has culminated into an unequivocal perception of snakes that has formed due to years of stereotyping the snake as a bad animal. Remember that all animals act according to their primary instincts, as so does the snake.


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