How to Overcome Fear of Flying

fear The high frequency of plane accidents has made fear of flying legitimate. The chances of surviving a plane crash are much lesser than a car crash. Usually it is a miracle when a plane crash-lands without causing casualties. Plane crashes are one-off events that happen at a very low frequency.

The percentage of aeroplane crashes is very low when compared to the percentage of aeroplanes plying everyday across the skies. This abysmal percentage should not be a deterrent from traveling by plane. Fear of flying is called as Aviophobia / Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia. People who suffer from fear of heights can also suffer from this. It is basically an irrational fear. Now with increased terrorist attacks all across the world, this fear has attained a different dimension all together.


– It can be caused due to previous bad experience when flying. It could be due to a mid-air message from the cockpit informing passengers about a technical snag, and requesting everyone to brace up for a probable crash landing. This could have lead to an acute anxiety in you, whereby you would have vowed never to fly on a plane. There have been instances when even first-time fliers never flew in a plane again, because the aircraft developed small engine related turbulences.

– People who already have high stress levels might get aggravated when flying in a place. The stress could develop into a permanent paranoia of flying.

– Media releases of plane disasters that has happened anywhere in the world, could instill apprehension to people’s mind when going on an air sojourn.


– Tremors while plane take-off

– Shortness of breath when plane gets on the runway; heavy breathing; chest pain

– Sweating; giddiness; anxiety; negative thoughts

How to overcome fear of flying

– Analyze your fear. Ask yourself what are the aspects of flying that you are apprehensive about?

– Learn more about aircrafts and their functioning.

– Talk to pilots if you can get hold of them, either at the airport or at social gatherings.

– When you are in-flight, avoid looking outside the window if you have fear of heights.

– Fly frequently to raise your immunity against fear of flying. The best way to tackle fear is to take it head-on.


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