How to Overcome Fear of Death

dead Death is certain. It is inevitable. Death is a reality for all living creatures. Fear of death is called Necrophobia or Thanatophobia. It is the most primary fear amongst all the fears, and is often the greatest. Fear of death is a natural reaction for living creatures to continue the sustenance of their life spans. It has nothing to do with bravery or valor.

But when fear of death becomes an emotional health problem, then even living a full life will becomes challenging. Death is subjective. Its definition is built on biological, social, moral, and religious grounds. It is important for people to not want to die, but it is also important to not live in constant fear of death. Understanding death is important to understand life importance .

Only then is it possible to live a fuller life. If there is no positive understanding of the concept of life and death, then everyday existence will be fraught with suspense, paranoia, and anxiety. To overcome fear of death, here are some things that need to be understood.

– Understand the concept of life and death. Don’t take life and death for granted. You have to realize that your body is a vehicle to transport you through this beautiful world. It is made to spread, receive, and induce the celebration of existence. Existence is a concept that cannot be understood using the far-reaches of science and technology. Existence is a mystery, and so is non-existence. When you exist, make every moment a celebration of the journey called life.

– Embrace spirituality. Spirituality is seeking solace and assuredness in the magical qualities of goodness and kindness. After all, the entire world is a place that offers plenty of scope to be good and compassionate.

– Don’t worry about death. If you are in good health, you will live even over 100 years.

– Find a purpose in life. Define the purpose of your soul. Ask yourself what you should do to make a positive impact in this world.

– Remember that people who are not afraid to die are the ones who have seen enough of the world. Set out on a journey of external and internal exploration. Find out about the essence of life and creation. The closer you get to the concept, the lesser you will fear it.


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