How to Organize Your Desk

desk Have you noticed your desk carefully? Perhaps you have forgotten how your desk looks. That is because your desk is hidden under piles of paper and files. Find out how to organize your desk before your stress levels begin to increase.

On your Marks

If you want to get rid of all the clutter from your desk then you should not procrastinate. Don’t leave the task for tomorrow as tomorrow will never arrive. Begin today. If your desk is heavily cluttered then you have to spend at least three to four hours in clearing the mess. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes before beginning this task. Tie a hanky around your nose if you are prone to dust allergy. In order to get some good energy you can play music of your choice.

Get, Set, Go

Just take out whatever is inside the drawers and on the desk, on the floor. Don’t worry about the pile as you will be able to sort it. Now clean your desk using a disinfectant. After that use furniture cleaner and you will get a sparkling new desk.

Get a Waste Bag

Keep a big waste bag on the floor and start chucking all the unnecessary papers into it. You will find that more than 50 percent of the papers go into the bag. You will find plenty of items and papers that you don’t need or have not used for the last five or even ten years. The only things that should remain on your desk are the papers related to your current projects.

What to Throw

If you find old catalogs, newspapers, and magazines, fling them into the trash bag. If you need a certain article in a magazine then just cut it out and stack in a file. You will come across old calendars, pens that don’t work, sharpeners that have become blunt, and old office supplies. The place for these items is in the litter bin and not your desk.


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