How to Organize a Family Easter Egg Hunt

Easter holiday is coming and you haven’t yet decided on how to organize a family Easter egg hunt? Although it does not require a long planning, but then you need to devise exciting ways to make it more fun for kids. And as it is never too late to start something, so, get down to your job immediately. For help, you can take a look at the interesting tips below.

Tips on how to organize a family Easter egg hunt:

1. One of the most interesting things about the Easter egg hunt is the prize to which every kid looks forward to. So first decide on the prize that you want to give to a winner. You can experiment something with the plastic eggs and candies as well. What you can do is add cues inside the plastic eggs to lead kids to the big prize that awaits them at the end.

2. You need to determine the number of eggs required for the hunt. The best way is to first decide on the strength of the group and then get empty eggs based on that. Buy fewer eggs for young group. You also have to see that the eggs are not too many in numbers in comparison to the strength of the kids to avoid boredom.

3. Next, you need to keep eggs at such places which are difficult to think about but can be guessed right, if one is careful. Take help of one or two persons in this regard.

4. When you are hiding those eggs, you need to make sure that the hunters are not anywhere around you. Keep them away. But in case, the kids are very young, you can hide some of those in front of them. However, you need to tell the older ones that the eggs placed at easy corners are not the items for their search.

5. Once everything is done, you can ask the kids to set out to their hunts. You can capture those moments in a camera when kids are looking for their hunting objects.


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