How to obtain economic data of countries?

economicdata Economic data plays a vital role in governing the affairs of the nation individually and the global economy on the whole. Economic data is categorically arranged and compiled to facilitate easier reference and catalogue.

It is mandatory for government authorities to collect accurate reliable economic data regarding various aspects of the nation. Such a data reveals true picture of country’s economic status. The efficacy of the government plans can be analyzed using economic statistics.

Economic data is subject to multipurpose use by statisticians, policy framers, and government organizations, international agencies like United Nations to frame feasible policies, programs and legislations.
Given here are some instructions that can assist you access economic

information related to any country:

Step1 – Log on to internet. Go to a well known search engine. Each country has its official web site outlining the basic aspects – economy, physical relief, economic problems, social issues etc.

Step2 – You may come across plenty of search engines linking non government links. The best way is to find a government managed link or web site as the information given by them are fairly reliable.

Step3 – After you reach a valid link, you need to look out for the subcategory that gives your some statistical data. Such a link gives important details of one’s own country as well as other nations as well.

Step4 – You can also visit the library gain information from the government books, manuals or periodicals. But you would have to confirm if the library maintains such records. Any library which serves as a repository for world wide economic records will surely have the necessary print material for your reference.

Step 5 – Most of the local libraries do not store such kind of extensive and valuable information due to space and budget constraint, however some of the renowned state or national libraries are sure to have the right economic data for you.

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