How to motivate yourself

motivate Motivation is an inner desire to do something.  It drives you to work hard and achieve success.  Without motivation, there develops a void, restlessness and loss of interest.  It results in self-doubt and loss of self-confidence

There are times when we feel demotivated to do things that were so important to us previously.  Write down reasons why you feel so.  If you find the reasons, you can work towards dealing with it.  Answer yourself honestly.  The feeling could be because of failure, comments by peers, overstress or pressure.

Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises.  It has a calming effect and also generates positive vibrations.  Exercising is also an effective way to beat the stress and low feeling.

Lack of motivation could also be the result of ‘all work and no play’.  Do not get very engrossed and pressurized by your daily work.  Take a break.  Get away to a holiday destination and unwind.  Visit new places and meet new people.  Loosen up and enjoy.  It may just refresh and recharge you.

Be aware of the people you are in touch with and the influence they have on you.  Some people are negative, sarcastic and pessimistic by nature, and may lead you to become the same.  Maintain distance from them or do not take their comments seriously.

Follow ideas that you feel passionately about.  Make goals for yourself.  Take suggestions from people but make your own decisions.  Set goals, timeframe by which you should achieve it and the manner in which you will achieve it.

Use a mantra or positive affirmations to motivate yourself.  Tell yourself that this phase is a temporary one and will pass will time.  Be positive.

Read quotes about motivation, courage, faith etc.  Watch movies or listen to songs that inspire you and lift up your mood.

Talk to a trusted friend or family member who understands you well and will help you to deal with the situation.  If needed, seek assistance of a counselor.


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