How to motivate yourself

myo There is always a tendency among the self employed category of people to get de motivated automatically. The main reason behind this is the absence of a boss who normally oversees you and your performance.

At this situation it is highly essential that you need some motivation from yourself. Of course this is not too easy, but you will however succeed if you do it wholeheartedly.

Read the following steps to know how you can motivate yourself.

1) List out the ten most important things in your life that you wish you accomplish. Place this list in the most visible area that just can’t ignore. This list will very well remind you of your goals and will motivate you to work towards accomplishing it.

2) Set time limit for each of your goals. Focus on short term goals first. Plan with an objective oriented mind and jot down all the possible ways to reach the goals. The ways could be easy or tough. But choose the one that can effectively guide you to reach your destination.

3) Reward yourself for accomplishing each goal in the set time. Self rewarding can be a good motivator. Just make up your mind to take a break and go for a movie after you have accomplished a task. Or you could go to a spa in order to give you a refreshed feeling.

4) Note down your outstanding performance somewhere in your personal diary so that you have a feeling of happiness over what you achieved. Your good result will be the best motivator for you.

5) Meet different people who are known to have succeeded in various fields of life. Try to have a friendly contact with them so that you get to know the strategy and tips for success. The success stories can motivate you a lot and also help you learn some good qualities from them.


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